The Purpose of Writing

A confession to make, I suppose.

I don’t really know why I have this blog. It has no real design or end goal. I don’t plan to get wickedly rich or wonderfully famous. Nor is there much planning or fore-thought that goes into what I write. Rather just a glimmer of an idea that I try to run and run with until i reach some sort of end of the tale.

Endings certainly are a challenge. I tend to wander without neatly narrowing in on a conclusion. Or keep a tight word cap on my works. I do worry if that would put people off.

But perhaps therein lies the reason, hopefully I’ll improve as a writer.

Partly, i think it’s more just to release and vent. To give some daylight or air to dozens of half-baked, fleeting ideas or scenarios that flow across my mind day after day. I suppose that’s worth something, maybe.

Maybe not.

I feel rather muddled. Is “art” (using the phrase makes me rather uncomfortable…) only worth while if it enjoys a healthy audience share and gets critical reward? Or does it have a value in spending the time to make it, to spurt out the 1000+ words simply for the sake of being able to say you have done so?


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